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I was trying to do the following on IPhone:

  • load a webpage on UIWebView control in my application.
  • The webpage has an audio tag (<audio/> in HTML5) with source of the audio file set correctly.
  • Webpage loads correctly and when I click on play button the audio was coming out from the receiver.

How do I make the audio to come out of the receiver instead of the speaker?

What have I already done?

  • I read about the Audio session services on apple platforms.
  • My initial category was kAudioSessionCategory_PlayAndRecord.
  • Now by default, according to the documentation the audio should go to the reciever. The above did not work.
  • So I started listening on the kAudioSessionProperty_AudioRouteChange property. So when I played audio using the audio tag I got a callback. In the callback I queried for the audio route which came back with a string "RecieverAndMicrophone"

So looks like the browser control is doing some magic to override the app default audio session settings. How do I change that behavior through my app?

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