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I am parsing a json string like so:

ring = JSON.parse(response);

Now, ring is an object but ring.stones is just a string when it should be an object as well.

If I call:

ring.stones = JSON.parse(ring.stones);

It is now the correct object.

I didn't know if this is correct behavior or if maybe I have an issue somewhere stopping it from parsing recursively? If it is supposed to parse recursively, are there any known issues that would prevent it?


Here is the full response before parsing:

{"ring_id":"9","stone_count":"4","style_number":"style 4","syn10":"436.15","gen10":"489.39","syn14":"627.60","gen14":"680.85","available":"yes","type":"ring","engravings_count":"0","engravings_char_count":"0","engravings_band":"10","stones":"[{\"stone_id\":\"27\",\"ring_id\":\"9\",\"stone_shape\":\"round\",\"stone_x\":\"132.80\",\"stone_y\":\"114.50\",\"stone_width\":\"71.60\",\"stone_height\":\"71.60\",\"stone_rotation\":\"0.00\",\"stone_number\":\"1\",\"stone_mm_width\":\"5.00\",\"stone_mm_height\":\"5.00\"},{\"stone_id\":\"28\",\"ring_id\":\"9\",\"stone_shape\":\"round\",\"stone_x\":\"100.50\",\"stone_y\":\"166.20\",\"stone_width\":\"36.20\",\"stone_height\":\"36.60\",\"stone_rotation\":\"0.00\",\"stone_number\":\"2\",\"stone_mm_width\":\"2.50\",\"stone_mm_height\":\"2.50\"},{\"stone_id\":\"29\",\"ring_id\":\"9\",\"stone_shape\":\"round\",\"stone_x\":\"200.20\",\"stone_y\":\"105.10\",\"stone_width\":\"33.90\",\"stone_height\":\"33.90\",\"stone_rotation\":\"0.00\",\"stone_number\":\"3\",\"stone_mm_width\":\"2.50\",\"stone_mm_height\":\"2.50\"},{\"stone_id\":\"30\",\"ring_id\":\"9\",\"stone_shape\":\"round\",\"stone_x\":\"165.80\",\"stone_y\":\"82.50\",\"stone_width\":\"35.50\",\"stone_height\":\"33.90\",\"stone_rotation\":\"0.00\",\"stone_number\":\"4\",\"stone_mm_width\":\"2.50\",\"stone_mm_height\":\"2.50\"}]","images":"[{\"title\":\"white gold\",\"source\":\"Style4_4_W_M.png\"},{\"title\":\"yellow gold\",\"source\":\"Style4_4_Y_M.png\"}]"}

Update 2

Based on mikerobi's answer I was able to figure out what was happening:

Here is where I encoded it:

$row = $sth->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);

$row['stones'] = getStones($ring_id);
$row['images'] = getRingVariations($ring_id);

return json_encode($row);

But the functions getStones and getRingVariations were returning json_encode'd strings. I needed to change them to return plain strings.

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How does response look like? –  KennyTM Nov 3 '10 at 19:20
Show us the response. –  dlamblin Nov 3 '10 at 19:20
@KennyTM @dlamblin I updated my answer to show the response. –  JD Isaacks Nov 3 '10 at 19:24

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Your JSON structure is wrong, it is wrapping stones in quotes, turning it into a string.

Your JSON looks like:

    stones: "[{\"stone_id":\"27\"},{\"stone_id\":\"27\"}]"

It should look like:

    stones: [{"stone_id": 27},{"stone_id": 27}]


It appears you are converting all values to string, including numbers, I updated my example to reflect this.

Also, I'm guessing by the output that you are writing your own code to serialize the JSON, I highly recommend using an existing library.

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Thanks, I was using PHP's built in JSON encoder, but after refactoring it I was mistakingly parsing them twice. See my update. –  JD Isaacks Nov 3 '10 at 19:43

It is recursive, but your input string (response) is not in correct format. Get rid of those escape characters (\") and try again.

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And the quotes around the whole stones value. –  dlamblin Nov 3 '10 at 19:41

This may be a little late, but one alternative I composed, in lieu of not having to worry about php's nested escape quotes in json_encode, was the following:

function _convertToObject(data) {

    try {

        data = eval('('+data+')');

        for (var key in data) {
            data[key] = _convertToObject(data[key]);

        return data;

    } catch (e) {
        return data;


Just pass your entire response object into this function and it recursively parses the json data.

I know it's not standard with it not using 'JSON.parse,' but it does the trick and I don't have to accommodate the aforementioned nested escape characters.

I'm welcome to feedback/criticism.

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