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I've been looking around the web for an hour and I'm just giving up to ask it here... I've got to work under Ada. I managed to make gnat work as a command line to compile my files. But I want to be able to have proper projects in Xcode. My problem is that I've found some templates on the to make ada default templates, I've copy pasted them a bit everywhere (/library/developer/ application support etc) but they never appear in the list when I want to create a project.

My other problem is that when I create an empty project and add a .adb file to it I can't compile at all... How do I specify that I should use gnat with it?

I'm sorry for all these questions if they are stupid but I can't find the answer...

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Two alternatives that may be of interest: the Ada plugin modules for NetBeans and the Ada 05 Language Module for BBEdit 9.x and TextWrangler 2.x .

FWIW, templates live in /Developer/Library/Xcode in Xcode 3.1.4.

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Ok cheers for the place to put the templates may be useful in the future... –  charly Nov 7 '10 at 22:55

If you are using the XCode Ada Plugin from here, it looks like it was made to work with Xcode 3.0. You might try downgrading to that and see if you have any better luck.

Personally, my IDE of choice is Emacs, so I can't go into any real detail about XCode past that. I'd suggest talking to the MacAda mailing list if you don't get a good answer here.

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cheers I'm now using ada's plugin for netbeans works perfectly... The only problem is that I can't make the debugger work but it seems that it's an even bigger problem as GDB doesn't work in command line with ada. Anybody has got an idea? –  charly Nov 7 '10 at 20:20
@charly - Try posting it as another question (if you are still having the problem that is). –  T.E.D. Nov 23 '10 at 10:50

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