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I'm having problems with something that should be simple.

I have two use cases...

  • The user is the site directly
  • The user is using an iframe from another site

I want to do the same thing in either case except I don't want to use the layout for my website in the case it's the iframe so I have a "plain" layout

layout "plain"

How can I dynamically assign the layout depending on the case..

ie params[:iframe] == true etc.

Nothing I do seems to work.

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try this

layout :layout_by_resource

def layout_by_resource
  if params[:iframe] == true
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How about this

class FramesController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :decide_on_layout

  def decide_on_layout
    layout "plain" if params[:iframe] == "y"

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that gives me "undefined method `layout' for #<NotificationsController:0x10582c5e8>" ;-( –  holden Nov 3 '10 at 20:57

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