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I'm pretty confused about this one. Given the following xml:

      <sch:eventName>Event One</sch:eventName>
      <sch:locationName>Location One</sch:locationName>
      <sch:eventName>Event Two</sch:eventName>
      <sch:locationName>Location Two</sch:locationName>

When using JDOM using the following code:

  XPath eventNameExpression = XPath.newInstance("//sch:eventName");

  XPath eventLocationExpression = XPath.newInstance("//sch:eventLocation");

  XPath eventExpression = XPath.newInstance("//sch:event");

  List<Element> elements = eventExpression.selectNodes(requestElement);
  for(Element e: elements) {

The console shows this:

 Event One
 Location One
 Event One
 Location One

What am I missing?

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Don't use '//' it starts always searching at the root node. Use e.g. './sch:eventName' it is relative to the current node.

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Sorry, I only just found the same issue has already been dealt with. Thanks: stackoverflow.com/questions/945512/… –  esBe Nov 3 '10 at 20:30

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