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While in Management Studio, I am trying to run a query/do a join between two linked servers. Is this a correct syntax using linked db servers:

select foo.id 
from databaseserver1.db1.table1 foo, 
     databaseserver2.db1.table1 bar 
where foo.name=bar.name

Basically, do you just preface the db server name to the db.table ?

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The format should probably be:


For example: DatabaseServer1.db1.dbo.table1

Update: I know this is an old question and the answer I have is correct; however, I think any one else stumbling upon this should know a few things.

Namely, when querying against a linked server in a join situation the ENTIRE table from the linked server will be downloaded to the server the query is executing from in order to do the join operation. In the OP's case, both table1 from DB1 and table1 from DB2 will be transferred in their entirety to the server executing the query, presumably named DB3.

If you have large tables, this will result in an operation that takes a long time to execute. After all it is now constrained by network traffic speeds which is orders of magnitude slower than memory or even disk transfer speeds.

If possible, perform a single query against the remote server, without joining to a local table, to pull the data you need into a temp table. Then query off of that.

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if the databaseserver name has a hyphen, need to surround it with square brackets –  bmw0128 Nov 3 '10 at 22:15
@bmw0128: Better yet, use double quotes: it's supported by almost every platform, unlike Microsoft's square brackets. –  Jon of All Trades Jul 3 '12 at 22:29
You also need to use the square brackets or double quotes when the database server name has a period in it. –  David Brunow May 9 at 21:55
If you're uncertain about any of the qualifiers, drill down to a table in a Linked Server in SSMS Object Explorer, right-click, and Script Table as, SELECT To, and New Query Editor Window. The resulting SELECT statement will include the correct, fully-qualified path to the table. I had a mystery database qualifier in working with Sybase and this gave me the correct name. –  John Mo Sep 29 at 15:42

You need to specify the schema/owner (dbo by default) as part of the reference. Also, it would be preferable to use the newer (ANSI-92) join style.

select foo.id 
    from databaseserver1.db1.dbo.table1 foo
        inner join databaseserver2.db1.dbo.table1 bar 
            on foo.name = bar.name
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the inner join syntax is preferable to the implicit joins? –  bmw0128 Nov 3 '10 at 22:17
@bmw0128: Yes, for several reasons. IMHO, the most important is that it is way too easy to accidentally write a cross product join when you have your tables and joins in two different place. –  Jon of All Trades Jul 3 '12 at 22:30

If you still find issue with ...

Enclose server name in []

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