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Could anyone please explain this to me with an example? I am getting contradicted myself

  • High Fan in: A given class designed in such a way that it a high number of other classes can easily consume it.
  • High Fan out: A class should be using lot of other classes.

Both seems self contradictory. Can any one explain it with an example? possible in .NET framework.

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High Fan In is good rule for low level classes. They should be highly reusable by higher level classes. High Fan Out is good rule for high level classes. They should not "reinvent the wheel", but use the already existing code - found in low level classes.

So the rules are not contradicting because they relate to different classes.

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Where did you read the High Fan Out principle? AFAIK, it is bad with High Fan Out.


High fan-out in object-oriented design is indicated when an object must deal directly with a large number of other objects. This is indicative of a high degree of class interdependency. In general, the higher the fan-out of an object, the poorer is the overall system design.

Also mentioned in Code Complete, High Fan In with Low Fan Out are good class designs.

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