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I'm having some trouble with ASP.NET MVC Complex model binding.

I have a primary table with several foreign keys to lookup tables. I've created a wrapper class over the Entity Framework generated class.

The select lists are populated by queries to the related tables and stored in Viewdata:

I want to create a view that allows users to pick from the available options in each of these lookup tables.

I've created a class over the generated class that handles mapping the selected values to the correct key value. I'm finding, though, that this design ha

What I've done right now is create a bunch of viewdata stuff:

ViewData["targetFocus"] = new SelectList(ent.tblEventTargetFocus.ToList(), "TargetFocusID", "TargetFocus");

Then, the selected values in the POST action are submitted in a save method in the wrapper class. It updates the values, etc.

I'm running into a couple of problems with this design:

1) The wrapper class I've created is clumsy because it has to manage its own Entity Framework datacontext.

2) Populating attributes of the wrapper class from the EF model requires querying in almost every field. I've had to add an if clause for null values in almost every single accessor. I thought about just adding the EF types as fields (thus making the class a complex type). However, I haven't had much luck databinding complex types...

This just doens't seem to be the right way to do things. I wonder if the EF framework shouldn't be doing more of this lifting...? However, I've always thought creating a wrapper class was a good practice because it gives you a layer you can test.

Do people have suggestions about how to reorganize this code?

' [Bind(Exclude = "eventid")] public class Event { //Private fields private string _frequencyname; private Mooc_TestEntities _ent; private string _eventname = ""; private int? _expectedAttendees; private int? _actualAttendees; private string _language;

    //Accessor methods
    public int eventid { get; set; }
    public Mooc_TestEntities ent
            if (_ent == null)
                _ent = new Mooc_TestEntities();
                return _ent;
                return _ent;


    public Dictionary<int, string> frequency { get; set; }

    public Dictionary<int, string> dicEventType { get; set; }

    [DisplayName("Event Name")]
    public string EventName
            if (this.eventid != 0)

                _eventname = this.ent.tblEventTests.Where(c => c.EventID == this.eventid).FirstOrDefault().EventName;

            return _eventname;

            _eventname = value;
            var ev = this.ent.tblEventTests.Where(c => c.EventID == this.eventid).FirstOrDefault();
            ev.EventName = value;

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it would help if you could a) show your "wrapper class" and b) snapshot your EDMX so we can see what it looks like. –  RPM1984 Nov 3 '10 at 22:39
what do you mean snapshot? –  rsteckly Nov 4 '10 at 0:07

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