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I'm using WMD-Editor (the modifed one at github). I'm using PHP as the backend. When I send the contents of Editor and try to echo them, they don't come out as expected. I'm using $_POST to receive the data and then placing it into a mysql database.

For example when I try to make a list:

  • Dummy
  • Text
  • This is

It displays it as -Dummy -Text -This is. How can I make it output the list?

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So that's where they've been keeping their WMDs; in github. I've always suspected as much, and I tried to warn them. "Insane!" they called me. "Shoo!" they said, and that was the last time I ever worked at Macdonalds. Welcome to SO, where we all sane! –  karim79 Nov 4 '10 at 0:17
lol, erm... thanks for the welcome? –  john Nov 4 '10 at 0:23

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What you are receiving is text with Markdown syntax; to convert it into HTML you need PhpMarkdown. Just download the library, include it in your script and pass the text thru the Markdown() function (as explained in the 'In your own programs' section).

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