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Can anyone confirm the best place for a partial view in ASP.NET MVC?

My thinkings are if its a globall view thats going to be used in many places then SHARED.

If its part of a view thats been wrapped up into a partial view to make code reading easier then it should go into the Views/Controller directory

Am I correct or am i missing something?

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thanks a lot for everyones comments. Its nice to know i was on the right track :-) –  Martin Nov 4 '10 at 0:39

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I believe you are correct. Here is an example of something I do, general navigation partial views in my Shared directory. and then a partial views for a specific Controller in the Views/[ControllerName] Directory.

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I think, you're absolutely right!

Views in the "Views/Shared" folder you can access from all controllers and actions. Views in the "Views/[ControllerName]" folder are for controller specific views only (even if there are possibilities to access them from other controllers).

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