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1) How can i add a custom field in my login form and use that value to navigate to a different page after login. I need a custom authentication provider for authenticating. Can we use spring mvc to tie all this?

2) How can we get hold of HttpSession in auth provider?

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1) I guess, you can choose the default behavior by implementing your own AuthenticationSuccessHandler and passing it to <form-login authentication-success-handler-ref="..."/>

2) This is actually not in the vein of the separation of concerns paradigm in Spring Security where the authentication provider populates the Authentication object and another filter persists/populate the authentication in/from the HTTP session. Nevertheless, you can in general have access to the current HTTP request and, therefore a session, from anywhere inside the request processing chain by adding the filter org.springframework.web.context.request.RequestContextListener to your web.xml. Use then ((ServletRequestAttributes) RequestContextHolder.getRequestAttributes()).getRequest().getSession() to reach the session from your authentication provider.

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