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Grails 1.3.5

The problem is that I'm trying to test a RESTful web service that consumes json. I've read the docs on regarding this and tested using their Book example. I can't get params in the controller to contain any data. So I started googling and I ran across this:

But that didn't even fix my problem. Anyone know if there is something else I need to do? I'd show my code but it is identical to the docs integration test for Book consuming json. Outside of an integration test, I can use the Firefox plugin, Post, to post json content to the web service and it works as expected. Only in the integration test does it fail. Thanks.

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I got this to work by extending GrailsUnitTestCase rather than ControllerUnitTestCase. Can someone explain to me why this is the case?

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this is what I have done in my ControllerUnitTestCases

// set param 'queryString', using a map
controller.metaClass.getParams = {-> [queryString: "oil"] }

// I have read that this should work also
controller.request.params = [queryString: "oil"]
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Thanks Aaron. I need to go read some more docs on the differences between GrailsUnitTestCase and ControllerUnitTestCase, assuming the docs are even accurate because they aren't right for testing REST webservices currently. – Gregg Nov 4 '10 at 14:42

In my case I am extending GroovyTestCase, I am not using GrailsUnitTestCase neither ControllerUnitTest since I am executing an integration test, not a unit test.

Something important is to specify the content-type in your controller, since the content type is what it determines what binder to launch, just do:

controller.request.contentType = "text/json"

Also make sure you have parseRequest=true in your URLMappings.groovy for the action you are trying to test. (I think you already do since this works for you out of the integration test).

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