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I am new to android developed. however,

  • got installed htc evo 4G drivers successfully (can see in device manager)


I cannot see that device in android sdk target option (in eclipse)

can someone help me in that please


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When you say "sdk target option" do you mean the "Project Build Target" in the project properties, or the android:targetSdkVersion attribute in the manifest, or something else? (BTW, if you put the "android" tag on your question then you might get a faster reponse.) –  Jon Colverson Nov 4 '10 at 4:13

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Make sure u have enabled USB debugging on your phone Settings->Applications->Development->Usb debugging. Connect your device

In Run configuration of project set Target selection mode as manual and run your project. You should get dialog where u will get choose your phone as option to run emulator.

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  1. Enable USB debugging on your device by choosing Settings->Applications->Development->Usb debugging.

  2. Connect your device with a USB cable

  3. When debugging the app you should see a dialog the option to choose your device or an emulator. If you don't see this then choose a different USB connection option on your device. I chose "memory card access only" and that seems to work.

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