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i have the this form:

<form id="segform" action="TestServlet" method="POST" >
  <div id="actives" class="rounded-corners">
    <div class="column">                        
     <div class="portlet"><a href="#">link1</a></div>

  <div id="inactives" class="rounded-corners">
    <div class="column">
     <div class="portlet"><a href="#">link2</a></div>

  <input type="hidden" name="ffactives" value="foovalue" />
  <input type="hidden" name="ffinactives" value="foovalue" />
  <input type="submit"  />

I need when the form was submitted the content of links being set into input:

ffactives = "link1" instead of "foovalue" ffinactives = "link2" instead of "foovalue"

i use now the jquery code:

  var act = $('#actives div.column div.portlet a').text();
  var inact = $('#inactives div.column div.portlet a').text();
  return true;

But when i receive the inputs the values was not changed. i aspect ffactives = "link1" and ffinactives = "link2" , but i receive ffactives = "foovalue" and ffinactives = "foovalue"

Whats wrong

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I just put together a test with that exact code and it worked for me (in Chrome anyway). I hope someone answers this question, because I'm interested to find out why it didn't work for you. – Ben Lee Nov 4 '10 at 4:20
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What you have works at face value, you can test it here, a few things to check:

  • Is this running in a document.ready handler? e.g. your code should be wrapped in
    $(function() { /* current code */ }); so that $('#segform') doesn't run until the <form> is in the DOM and ready to be found (otherwise it hooks a submit handler up to 0 elements.
  • Are you getting any JavaScript errors? If any occur before your code runs, the submit handler wouldn't be bound, and you'get get default submission behavior...which is what you're seeing.
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SO thankful Craver. the problem was solved with document ready. – ulima69 Nov 4 '10 at 12:33

I'm guessing your JS is not running properly. Try this version of your submit handler

  var act = $('#actives div.column div.portlet a').text();
  var inact = $('#inactives div.column div.portlet a').text();

  console.log('submit:', $('input').val();

  return false;

Then you should see 'submit: link1' in your console when you submit the form.

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Thanks for tips hybernaut. document.ready solves. – ulima69 Nov 4 '10 at 12:34

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