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Also, has anyone ever used it for a successful commercial application? Red hat is pretty vague on their website.. and have not answered my emails yet.

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At my previous job, we made a semi-serious attempt to purchase a commercial Cygwin license. IIRC, we also had problems in getting Red Hat to respond in time, so ultimately we went with another solution.

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If you don't mind asking, what route did you go? –  mike Jan 4 '09 at 15:40

I thought Cygwin was licensed under the GPL so you couldn't use it in non-free (closed source) software.

If you're really keen, MinGW works well and gives you a non-GPL but still free solution. Cygwin is a fully featured Unix-clone for Windows right down to all the tools you could possibly think of. MinGW is a basic Unix-layer and shell, giving you just enough to run tools like Make, Gcc, to build Unixy software. You can, of course, build any Unixy packages you require into the MinGW file system, replicating cygwin if you need.

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Cygwin is dual licensed. It's available GPL and also under a commercial license which you can purchase from Red Hat. Unfortunately there is no information on the cost of the commercial license online, you have to fill out an application and it can take months to negotiate a price. –  Samuel Neff Mar 2 '11 at 15:07