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I am trying to install Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.3.3 on a Windows Server 2008 R2 box. I've managed to setup Apache, but PHP is not working correctly: I've downloaded the latest zip from windows.php.net (VC6) and I've modified http.conf in order to load the php5 module (LoadModule, AddType & PHPIniDir). So far, so good - phpinfo() is showing and I am happy... But, there is no php.ini file - I haven't yet renamed the bundled php.ini-development|php.ini-production file. If I do so (in order to modify PHP's configuration), no php code is interpreted (including phpinfo()). I've gone over the entire php.ini-development file and still it is not working... This is very strange.

If I use the renamed php.ini-production, I get a blank page. If I don't define a php.ini or php.ini is empty, phpinfo() is working and the loaded configuration file is C:\Php\php.ini (I've installed php in C:\Php) ... This is driving me insane...

Any help is welcome, Thanks in advance.

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I stumbled upon this very same issue in a CLI only setup.

I got it resolved by disabling all extensions that I'm not needing. I can't tell you wich extension is the booger here, as I stopped troubleshooting as soon as it worked. I only needed ODBC and some basics (like eg. zip)

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