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i want to call the java class in batch file. how can i call. can tell me any commands which call the class file

Thanks Krishna

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You might want to accept an answer or respond if none of the work... – Menno Bieringa Apr 15 '14 at 9:23

if you are having a class Myclass with package name com.mycomp.util then you have to go to the parent dir of "com" for example "c:\src" is the folder that contains com package then

your command should be in the batch file

cd c:\src java -cp jar1;jar2; com.mycomp.util.Myclass

now call the batch file.

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java -jar "Path/To/The/Jar/Whatever.jar"

I would recommend first jaring up your class(es) and providing a link to the jar.

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If you have compiled your .java file, and have the .class file, containing bytecode for your main function, then just run:

java myclass

where myclass is the module name (file has to be myclass.class).

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This won't work if myclass isn't in the default package. Also, by Java conventions, it should be "Myclass" instead of "myclass" – darioo Nov 4 '10 at 7:13

Just use this in ur .bat file
java -classpath folderName/example.jar; com.example.package.ExampleProgram if you are placing the .bat file in the same folder with the jar, then its not necessary to mention the folderName

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@echo off

java -jar "C:\path_to_jar_directory\test.jar" "C:\path_to_arguments\property.properties"

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