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The code is simple:

function getStringFromUrl($url){

    $fResource = fopen($url, 'r');
    do {
        $data = fread($fResource, 8192);

        if (strlen($data) == 0) {

            $contents .= $data;
    } while(true);

    fclose ($fResource);

    $contents = mb_convert_encoding($contents,'utf-8','gbk');
    return $contents;

echo getStringFromUrl(urlencode(''));

echo file_get_contents('');

Sometimes I can get content, sometimes not. I can't figure out why.

(EDIT:the error msg is :[function.fopen]: failed to open stream and [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream)

Of course the 2 URL above are available. I have also set the allow_url_fopen = On in php.ini.

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have you tried using the curl functions instead of fopen/file_get_contents ? – server_kitten Dec 15 '14 at 14:40

First of all - you don't need to urlencode full url! Only GET parameters:

echo file_get_contents(''.http_build_query(array(
  'format' => 'text',
  'ip'     => ''

Second thing you should share with is error message (if any)

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My error msg is attached,any help? – DiveInto Nov 6 '10 at 6:38

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