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Is there a way for an nunit test to end and tell the test runner that it should be considered skipped/ignored, rather than succeeded or failed?

My motivation for this is that I have a few tests that don't apply in certain circumstances, but this can't be determined until the test (or maybe the fixture) starts running.

Obviously in these circumstances I could just return from the test and allow it to succeed, but (a) this seems wrong and (b) I'd like to know that tests have been skipped.

I am aware of the [Ignore] attribute, but this is compiled-in. I'm looking for a run-time, programatic equivalent. Something like:

if (testNotApplicable)
    throw new NUnit.Framework.IgnoreTest("Not applicable");

Or is programatically skipping a test just wrong? If so, what should I be doing?

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interesting, i would like to see some comments on this! – Pauli Østerø Nov 4 '10 at 10:03
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is specifically what you're asking for, though there is also:

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Thanks! I can't believe I missed Assert.Ignore, but it just what I need. It looks like Assert.Inconclusive was introduced in nunit 2.5 and, since I'm still using 2.4.8, I at least have an excuse for not knowing about that one... – Andy Johnson Nov 4 '10 at 10:19

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