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I have a date string, 04-11-2010, in JavaScript I want to have a function that will convert it to 2010-11-04.

Does anyone know how I can do this?

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Do you use Java or Javascript?? They are completely different languages! – romaintaz Nov 4 '10 at 10:24
its Javascript. – san Nov 4 '10 at 10:27

JavaScript has a string split function, which separates a string into an array of parts. You can use slice to just chop up the parts of the string:

var str = "04-11-2010";

str = str.slice(-4) + "-" + str.slice(3, 5) + "-" + str.slice(0, 2);
//-> "2010-11-04"

Another solution is to split the string on the - character, swap the parts around and rejoin it.

var str = "04-11-2010",
    // Split the string into an array
    arr = str.split("-"),
    // Store the value of the 0th array element
    tmp = arr[0];

// Swap the 0th and 2nd element of the array
arr[0] = arr[2];
arr[2] = tmp;

// Rejoin the array into our string
str = arr.join("-");

//-> 2010-11-04
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Top of my head:

 var dt1   = parseInt(ab.substring(0,2),10);
 var mon1  = parseInt(ab.substring(3,5),10);
 var yr1   = parseInt(ab.substring(6,10),10);

Then you have the pieces you need.

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