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In Wpf 4.0 you can turn off Text antialiasing for a Frameworkelement and all its children by putting this e.g. in the main window:

TextOptions.SetTextFormattingMode(this, TextFormattingMode.Display);
TextOptions.SetTextRenderingMode(this, TextRenderingMode.Aliased); 

This works fine for TextBlocks etc. but it does not seem to have any effect when using the DrawingContext's methods DrawText(FormattedText) or DrawGlyphRun(..).

Is there any chance of drawing aliased Text via DrawingContext ? (I know about the FormattedText.BuildGeometry() trick , but this looks awful when using small text sizes)

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I dont have WPF4 right now, so I cant test it. But quick scan through MSDN shows you can use DrawingVisual. Set your RenderingMode here and then use RenderOpen to get DrawingContext.

Question is where and how you want to draw this text.

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Yes, you can set TextOptions.SetTextFormattingMode to a DrawingVisual. When using FormattedText, you can get very crisp results! Unfortunately it seems that this way you can't get a GlyphRunDrawing to be drawn aliased. I would prefer Glyphrun because it's much faster than FormattedText and I've got a lot of elements to draw in an overridden OnRender() method of a Frameworkelement. – fritz Nov 4 '10 at 14:48

There's an overloaded constructor for FormattedText that allows specifying a TextFormattingMode:

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TextFormattingMode does not help drawing aliased text. – romkyns Dec 28 '11 at 3:03

How to remove glyphrun blur effect:

var glyphRun = new GlyphRun(typeface, 0, false, emSize, glyphIndices, p, advanceWidths, null, null, null, null, null, null);
var rect = glyphRun.ComputeAlignmentBox();
Double halfPenWidth = 0.5;

GuidelineSet guidelines = new GuidelineSet();
guidelines.GuidelinesX.Add(rect.Left + halfPenWidth);
guidelines.GuidelinesX.Add(rect.Right + halfPenWidth);
guidelines.GuidelinesY.Add(rect.Top + halfPenWidth);
guidelines.GuidelinesY.Add(rect.Bottom + halfPenWidth);
drawingContext.DrawGlyphRun(brush, glyphRun);
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