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Can anyone suggest me a nice and simple framework for PHP ?

I have tested CodeIgniter and it seems simple. I have been reading about CakePhp, but it seems a bit more complicated than CI. Maybe there are other nice frameworks that could be worth looking at?

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Is your goal to learn PHP or just to build something without too much PHP knowledge? –  conorgriffin Jul 7 '10 at 21:31
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http://alternativeto.net/software/codeigniter/ is a good source for CodeIgniter alternatives.

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I am the creator of a small framework named Laravel. It is RESTful by design, extremely simple, and has great documentation.

Other features include a beautifully simple ORM and session / cache drivers.

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+1, It's a great framework with all CI missing features already built in. –  Sepehr Lajevardi Sep 29 '12 at 4:00
Not small anymore xD –  Arnaud Aug 12 '14 at 14:48
Oh, thanks for replying, may I congrats you with the huge success with Laravel! Then to question: Can I use Laravel without extra tools like composer? Do I have to maintain the routes manually? CI is very easy to use in this manner, no need for extra tool, and automatic routing. But maybe Laravel already supports this? –  Vidar Vestnes Feb 15 at 22:21

Try the simple php framework


Also, see this question on Stackoverflow.com since your question is more suited to that site


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Picora is a nice an clean PHP-Framework. Its even small enough to read the whole source and understand exactly what it does. Unfortunately the main developer drop maintaining it but you can find the source on GitHub.

I've written two articles/turorials about it (in german):

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QCodo seems to be back under active development. I'm not sure what's changed in its fork, QCubed -- I think they just branched while QCodo was stagnating, but it also might be worth looking at.

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Go for Laravel. It is a great Awsome Framework for the Web Artisans. It has greate security. It has ORM. It has Migrations. It has clean Syntax. It has beautiful Templating Engine. It has Awsome Documentation. It has Active Community and also increasing day by day.

Good Luck for you :) Love for Laravel.

"Cheers!Enjoy coding"

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