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My company as many others, require documentation as part of the SDLC. I am not oppose to it, but as a PM, I don't like to do things that don't add value. What will be the right mix of detail for a detail design document?

Right now, there are a few people saying, let's put a screen shot, add a few explanations, put some SQL queries.

Others are saying. Let's create the code, and then create the class diagrams and other UMLs.

I never believed in code inside documents. That's a contradiction in itself.

What will be that right mix. The best practices inside our company specifies: Sequence, class and activity diagram should be in all Detail designs.

Thanks for the help. Geo

Important Note: The project we are working is an enhancement project. We are adding features and functionality but the software is not from scratch.

NOTE1: I thought that the main purpose of a detail design is to be able to hand the design to a developer and the developer will be able to re-create the code. Plus the maintenance aspect of the code. Am I missing something?

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Here (where I work) we focus on communication with the project non-technical stakeholders, making wireframes for every screen/report and generating detailed workflow diagrams.

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Thanks Paulo for the quick answer. How about when you are changing the code on a feature that is back-end processing? How will you represent that? –  Geo Nov 4 '10 at 17:18
I would document the expected result as well the procedures for test and acceptance. The documentation should stay out of the way of engineering resources so they can choose the best solution. –  Paulo Scardine Nov 5 '10 at 1:51
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