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I have developed a PowerPoint add-in for versions 2003 and earlier that generates a custom commandbar/toolbar on install.

I have no difficulty removing this commandbar on uninstall, but because it uses the Auto_Close event to do so, it also deletes the toolbar every time PowerPoint closes, preventing the user from permanently customizing the commandbar's position.

I've tried a conditional delete by checking if the add-in is registered or loaded, but Auto_Close seems to run before any unloading or deregistration.

Any ideas on how to delete the commandbar ONLY when the add-in is being uninstalled?

Sub Auto_Close()
Dim pptAddin As AddIn

    For Each pptAddin In AddIns
        If pptAddin.Name = "AddInName" And _
            pptAddin.Registered <> msoTrue Then
        End If

End Sub
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It's a good idea to do what you're doing - deleting your CommandBar when PowerPoint closes. That way if there is ever an error, your add-in doesn't leave artifacts in the UI that don't work.

For managing state though, many folks use GetSetting and SaveSetting for reading/writing to a sandboxed area in the Registry for VB/VBA programs. Look up the following functions on this page: GetSetting, SaveSetting, GetAllSettings, DeleteSetting. You can use these to manage your add-in's CommandBar between PowerPoint instances. It's relatively simple to use - here's a tutorial for Excel that would apply equally to PowerPoint.

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Thank you for reading through to my actual requirement and, of course, for the help. Much, much appreciated. – variant Nov 4 '10 at 23:14

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