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Here is some javascript/jquery code:

     $.get("php/doit.php?id=<? echo $r['id']; ?>", function(html)

         // $.get("php/doit.php?id=<? echo $r['id']; ?>", function(html)
         // {
               // alert('omg!');
         // }


The second ajax request should be called when the first is completed, right? The above code works great, but as soon as I uncomment the second request, the whole javascript block fails - I dont even get the 'alert' anymore. Even if you put an alert just to test the .click it does not work.

Is there something that I should be clearing after ajax requests? Why exactly can I NOT make 2 requests?


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You are missing ); for the second .get. It's just a syntax error.

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AHHH!! I cannot believe it took me this long to see that! I guess sometimes all you need is another pair of eyes. :D Thanks. –  Peanut Nov 4 '10 at 14:31

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