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I am having trouble finding a class or API in Android documentation that would help me get battery usage statistics per application.

I have read PowerManager and BatteryManager classes but they are of no use.

However, I can find applications like PowerTutor that do provide battery usage statistics per application, so I think it's technically possible.

Can any one point me in right direction?

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how u resolve your issue ?can u share link or any reference – user3233280 Jan 6 at 18:26
Did you find how to do ? – DjimOnDev Jun 19 at 16:29

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I'd be surprised if such an API exists. Rather, I expect that PowerTutor is using some sampling heuristics to estimate how much of the current battery usage to blame on each application.

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I have a link to share , its about Android 1.6 Highlights . In that you will see , Battery Usage Indicator is built in Android too . Any chance PowerTutor is able to extract it somehow ? – Shahab Nov 5 '10 at 4:47
Who knows. Certainly, there doesn't seem to be a public API in the javadocs. – Stephen C Nov 5 '10 at 5:16

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