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How can I create a filemaker form where the user enters some personal details and has to choose multiple files to upload?

I want it to be an equivalent to <input type="file"> in a html form.

Is it possible using filemaker pro 6?

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Do the users have a fixed number of files to upload? – Andy Hayden Mar 14 '12 at 9:22

what do you mean by "an equivalent to in a html form." your form can look how ever you want it too look you design the look in layout mode but your not gonna write html to create a form in filemaker if thats what you mean.

not sure if you can do it in filemaker 6 but try this

  1. create a field in your table called "attachments" and make its type a container
  2. create a script from the script menu call it insert picture 3 add these script steps alt text

let me know if that does what you want

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No no... I meant, I want it to be equivalent to '<input type="file">' in html. I wonder why that was removed from my question. – Gayathri Nov 5 '10 at 4:03
Yes, it kinda does what I want. But, I want to let the user select multiple files... this way you can only select one file... I think I can play around with the script, do some looping and try a work around... thanks! – Gayathri Nov 6 '10 at 3:49

Use container fields, which store files. In FM 6 they lacked a lot of the features they have currently, and they had a clunky interface, but it works.

Be careful though; you might run into the 2GB/file FM6 limit (which went away in 7) after a while.

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This would be possible, including multi-file selection, in FM7+ with an addition of a plugin, ScriptMaster plugin can be used to display a FileChooser that allows multi-file selection.

I'm not aware of any plugins that can do this in FM6, but take a look at 24U SimpleDialog at least it's FM6 compatible.

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