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Can we have aliases(some form of metadata) for input parameters in a stored procedure? EX:

@busDate to be called as 'Business Date'

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The short answer is no. The parameter must start with the @ sign and follow the rules for identifiers (no special characters, no spaces, etc). The best you could do would be something like @Business_Date.

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I agree that as per rules we cannot have special characters as parameter names. My ideas wasnt to name the variable as 'Business Date'. I have a scenario where stored procs are called from gui at runtime and gui should be able to understand what each param is business terms. Ofcourse I can always have a table with metadata but wanted to know if there was an elegant way. – Jack Nov 4 '10 at 15:58

You can add comments in the code, but there is no mechanism to supply a description that is visible elsewhere.

One thing that you can to is to use descriptive names, e.g. @BusinessProposalDraftText rather than @busPrpDftTx. Even if it is more to type, it's still easier to spell regular words than to get abbreviations exactly the same.

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