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How can I include a tikzpicture on every page?

I would like to create a complicated document template (page should be framed, and have a table to hold document information both in the header and footer).

I was thinking of using something like:

\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]  
    % complicated layout should be here, simple example is given below:  
    % \node [xshift=1cm,yshift=1cm] at (current page.south west)  
    % {This is an absolutely positioned text in the page};  

Do you have any other suggestions on how to create such a template?

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You'll probably get better answers to this question over at tex.stackexchange.com. –  Matt Ball Nov 4 '10 at 15:40
Thank you, I will try my question there. –  ipavlic Nov 4 '10 at 15:44

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Add information to header/footer either using fancyhdr Or KOMA Script

For adding a something on every page I used this:

        \makebox(0,0){ \textcolor{gray}{Rev: \svnrev{} (\svnfilerev)} }%

Here, I add the SVN revision number on the bottom right of every page. I don't remeber why I did not use a tikzpicture[overlay,remember picture] in \AddToShipoutPicture, maybe because it can't remember the picture position in the state of shipping out the page.

Hope that helps.

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I have since used tex.stackexchange.com sister-site. Sorry for not accepting your answer sooner. –  ipavlic May 31 '11 at 8:41

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