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Im new into that thing, but here goes.

I got at ImageButton, and when its clicked i want the image displayed in another window. If I can avoid using ajax i would like to do that. If possible would like to make the window modal, but still avoid ajax, since Im not ready to mix more technolgies yet.

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IMHO the best practice to show a picture is in the same page on the top of the content. I personally use Lightbox. You can find the documentation on their page, so it should be easy for you to integrate their JavaScript code.

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The existing answers with JavaScript are fine, but just to suggest an alternative - could you use a HyperLink (with an ImageUrl set so you still get an image) and set its Target property instead?

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I like this better, since it wont involve any javascript. +1 – Filip Ekberg Jan 3 '09 at 21:36

Somewhat like this:

<asp:ImageButton ID="imbJoin" CssClass="btn-find" AlternateText="Find" ToolTip="Find" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/library/btn-find.gif" onClick="javascript:popUp("ServicesLocator.aspx")" />


Using the ImageButton you need to use a JavaScript to open it in a new window. You can also look into the OnClientClick-event

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You can use the ImageButton's OnClientClick property:

<asp:ImageButton ... OnClientClick="'url_to_image');" >

But this popup window will not be modal.

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The following javascript will do what you're looking for:'page.html','WindowTitle','width=400,height=200')
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It might be worth pointing to a two relevant entries in the excellent EFNet's #javascript FAQ:

  1. Correct Use of Popups - yay accessibility!
  2. How do I make a popup window the same size as my image?
  3. How do I create a custom 'OK' dialog or something similar? - modal windows are not that useful and something like the suggested Lightbox or similar scripts would be better "modal" options
  4. Correct Use of Links - this one being only partly on-topic but the previous answers use of the "javascript:" pseudo protocol made it necessary: it is never required nor useful in a web page that should work across browsers. After all, JavaScript is the default (and only) scripting language.
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Thank you for all the answers! I ended up using lightbox I found this example

And it works perfectly

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