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I have added the following to my environment.rb:

config.gem "json", :version => '>=1.2.3'

When I run

rake rails:freeze:gems

the json gem does not install. I get

Freezing to the gems for Rails 2.3.8
rm -rf vendor/rails
mkdir -p vendor/rails
cd vendor/rails
Unpacked gem: '/Users/chad/www/aromapersona.localhost/vendor/rails/activesupport-2.3.8'
mv activesupport-2.3.8 activesupport
Unpacked gem: '/Users/chad/www/aromapersona.localhost/vendor/rails/activerecord-2.3.8'
mv activerecord-2.3.8 activerecord
Unpacked gem: '/Users/chad/www/aromapersona.localhost/vendor/rails/actionpack-2.3.8'
mv actionpack-2.3.8 actionpack
Unpacked gem: '/Users/chad/www/aromapersona.localhost/vendor/rails/actionmailer-2.3.8'
mv actionmailer-2.3.8 actionmailer
Unpacked gem: '/Users/chad/www/aromapersona.localhost/vendor/rails/activeresource-2.3.8'
mv activeresource-2.3.8 activeresource
Unpacked gem: '/Users/chad/www/aromapersona.localhost/vendor/rails/rails-2.3.8'
cd -

I have also tried

rake gems:unpack:dependencies


rake gems:unpack

but I get no output, and the gem still is not installed.

Am I running the wrong command? Am I misunderstanding something?

Note: I already have some gems installed at vendor/gems. I don't remember how I did this.

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I haven't played with freezing gems before, so I can't really answer your question, but have you looked into using Bundler ( to manage your dependencies? It is the new standard for Rails (or any Ruby-based) applications. – Topher Fangio Nov 4 '10 at 17:37
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Found the answer here.

cd vendor/gems
gem unpack active_support
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