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When I generate Doxygen documentation in PDF format, I get plenty of different files with a single diagram in each.
Is it possible to obtain a single PDF document, organized as a book, roughly as the HTML version?
Is it possible to get it automatically, i.e. without dealing manually with the latex files?


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I found this answer at http://www.msi.umn.edu/software/tex/help/pdf.html

When Doxygen is finished processing, in the latex directory there's a file called 'refman.tex'.

There are three ways you can use that file to get 'a book' out of Doxygen:

  • LaTeX -> dvips -> ps2pdf

    latex myfile

    dvips myfile

    ps2pdf myfile.ps

  • LaTeX -> dvipdfm

    latex myfile

    dvipdfm myfile

  • pdflatex (or pdftex for plain TeX)

    pdflatex myfile

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Patel is right - you need to run Doxygen, then Latex of some sort to create the single doc.

For me, using Doxygen 1.7.3, the root file for the latex build seems to be "refman.tex".

Doxygen creates a Makefile, too, so if you've got make (I don't on my Win7 box), you can just type make in the latex directory.

I point my TeXnicCenter app at refman.tex, and build that way.

Hope this helps,


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+1 for the hint with the makefile. –  unexist Jun 17 at 11:48

Using Doxygen 1.8.4, there is also a make.bat so you don't even need to open the command line.

  1. Run Doxygen.
  2. Run make.bat from the latex output folder.
  3. Open refman.pdf in the laytex output folder.
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make.bat is generated by the windows version, on Linux the generated file is called Makefile. –  Étienne Jul 30 at 16:04
Do you have to pass that to make, or is it a script? –  Denise Skidmore Jul 30 at 19:35
It's executed by make –  Étienne Jul 30 at 20:40
On Linux, type "make" in the "latex" directory. The generated document is "refman.pdf". –  nvd Sep 23 at 17:59

Other people didn't mention a detail:

For the pdflatex route to work, your current working directory needs to be the generated latex folder, otherwise you get errors like doxygen.sty cannot be found.

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