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There are several commands that have esoteric options that I don't use often. For example, git has 'check-attr'. I use 'git checkout' very often, however, so I'd like, git ch to complete to git checkout or show a menu without check-attr in it. I can do this with zstyle ... ignored-patterns.

However, I'd still like to complete 'git check-attr' if nothing else matches (if I actually do want to run check-attr).

It seems that the 'hidden' zstyle is for me, but how can I specify a value (not just a tag) in the completion context? I.e. I'd like something like, zstyle ':completion:::git::' hidden-patterns 'check-attr'

Is that possible?

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Not exactly what you want, but you could obviously make git ch an alias of git checkout, which be good if you would just like to use git checkout without having to disambiguate with git check-attr. – a3nm May 19 '11 at 0:46

Something like this should do the trick:

zstyle ':completion::complete:*:git:*' ignored-patterns check-attr
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I don't really know how this works, but the result is that git check<TAB> results in git checkout. Add this to your .zshrc:

zstyle ':completion::complete:git:*:*' ignored-patterns 'check*-*'

See for some info, if you can decypher it..

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