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I'm trying to use the OpenNETCF RAPI class to interact with a windows mobile device using the RAPI.Invoke() method.

According to the following article: http://blog.opennetcf.com/ncowburn/2007/07/27/HOWTORetrieveTheDeviceIDFromTheDesktop.aspx

You can do the communication in either block or stream mode. I have used block mode before, but now I need to do something a bit more complicated with a lot more data and continuous communication and therefore need to use the stream mode. Unfortunately on that article, and basically everywhere else, there is no explaination of how to use IRAPIStream in .NET I have found C/C++ documentation, but my desktop app needs to be written in C#

Does anyone know how to properly implement the IRAPIStream COM interface in .NET? And better yet, anyone actually used RAPI.Invoke() with IRAPIStream before? Examples would be much appreciated.

Edit: Upon a closer look at the RAPI class documentation, I realized that the Invoke() method doesn't support the stream interface.... so OpenNETCF is likely out, but maybe there is still a way to do it?

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I have found that generally the most performant and stable way to push/pull large amounts of data of a device over activesync is to use a socket. Early on we used CeRapiInvoke and a stream to pull data down of the device but ditched this early on in favour of using tcp/ip over a socket.

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