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def update
    @email_blast = EmailBlast.find(params[:id])
    if @email_blast.update_attributes(params[:email_blast])
      # changes mail_type here
      flash[:notice] = 'Email Blast Saved.'
      if params[:id] == "1"
        Delayed::Job.enqueue MassEmail.new(params[:email_blast][:subject], params[:email_blast][:body])
      elsif params[:id] == "2"
        Delayed::Job.enqueue OrgBlast.new(params[:email_blast][:subject], params[:email_blast][:body])
      elsif params[:id] == "3"
        Delayed::Job.enqueue MagicEmail.new(params[:email_blast][:subject], params[:email_blast][:body])
      elsif params[:id] == "4"
        Delayed::Job.enqueue OrgMagicEmail.new(params[:email_blast][:subject], params[:email_blast][:body])
      redirect_to edit_admin_email_blast_path(params[:id])

How strange is that? Once this controller code is passed, @email_blast.mail_type gets changed to "card_holder" . Why would that happen? the Params on the first debugger return :

(rdb:407) @email_blast = EmailBlast.find(params[:id])
#<EmailBlast id: 3, subject: "HQMagic Email", body: "asdfasdfasdfasdfas<br />\r\nd<br />\r\nfas<br />\r\ndf<br...", mail_type: "magic_email", created_at: "2010-10-28 14:57:48", updated_at: "2010-11-04 20:51:45">

And the second :

{"body"=>"asdfasdfasdfasdfas<br />\r\nd<br />\r\nfas<br />\r\ndf<br />\r\nasdf<br />\r\nas<br />\r\ndf<br />\r\nasd<br />\r\nfasd<br />\r\nfa<br />\r\nsd<br />\r\nfasd", "mail_type"=>"card_holders", "id"=>"3", "subject"=>"HQMagic Email"}
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If you're calling update_attributes and params[:email_blast][:mail_type] is defined, then it will be reassigned. You can always set this parameter as protected to avoid this.

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Reassigned? But how would it get reassigned to something not in the params? Interesting. Second question I guess then is how to you set the parameter to be protected? –  Trip Nov 4 '10 at 23:04
@Trip: I think you'll find it is in the params. –  Ryan Bigg Nov 5 '10 at 0:47
Well that is another question isn't it? Look up attr_protected. –  tadman Nov 5 '10 at 3:33
@ryan bigg: The first debugger says mail_type: "magic_email", so assuming that it hits update_attributes after that it should stay ` mail_type: "magic_email"` , I would think.. But then once it hits the second debugger, it has changed its mail type to card_holder . I don't see it in the first params anywhere for it to say card_holder, I guess. Are there secondary params or something I'm not seeing? Haha thanks for the reply guys. –  Trip Nov 5 '10 at 13:25
So it turns out that attr_protected does work. But it still does not answer my question, as to how/why that the param is getting changed at all if no new mail_type is getting instantiated. –  Trip Nov 8 '10 at 13:12

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