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I have subclassed NSWindow in a NSDocument application in order to receive keyDown events.

I have used the following code in my subclasss...

- (void)keyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent {


    if ([theEvent modifierFlags] & NSAlternateKeyMask) {
        NSLog(@"Alt key Down!");
        [super keyDown:theEvent];

I'm receiving key events when non-modifier keys are pressed! I'm also receiving "Alt Key is Down" when I press alt+z for example (alt+non-modifierkey).

The issue here is that I want to handle the event when just the alt/option key is pressed alone, without in combination with other keys and -keyDown: does not get called! What am I missing ?


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You could catch the Alt/Option key alone in -flagsChanged: instead of -keyDown:.

-(void)flagsChanged:(NSEvent*)theEvent {
    if ([theEvent modifierFlags] & NSAlternateKeyMask) {
        NSLog(@"Alt key Down (again)!");
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Yeah! Thank you! –  VassilisGr Nov 4 '10 at 22:20
Don't I need to forward theEven to super ? Probably not ha? –  VassilisGr Nov 4 '10 at 22:24

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