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I am writing and distributed image processing application using hadoop streaming, python, matlab, and elastic map reduce. I have compiled a binary executable of my matlab code using the matlab compiler. I am wondering how I can incorporate this into my workflow so the binary is part of the processing on Amazon's elastic map reduce?

It looks like I have to use the Hadoop Distributed Cache?

The code is very complicated (and not written by me) so porting it to another language is not possible right now.


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The following is not exactly an answer to your Hadoop question, but I couldn't resist not asking why you don't execute your processing jobs on the Grid resources? There are proven solutions for executing compute intensive workflows on the Grid. And as far as I know matlab runtime environment is usually available on these resources. You may also consider using the Grid especially if you are in academia.

Good luck

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the reason i am not using the grid resource is because this port to hadoop is the first step to converting the code to java or python and then implementing the entire system in a different language. –  josephmisiti Nov 5 '10 at 14:05


I've just asked a similar, but more general version of your question. Hopefully we'll get some answers. ;)

Hadoop Streaming: Mapper 'wrapping' a binary executable

  • Nick
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