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I need to get a javascript var in my Flash application. I like to be able to just set a variable in the javascript (client constraints) rather than define a function.

Can this be done? I am trying to use the

AS:"function(){return window.someVar}", null);


var someVar = "Test";

This does not work and I suspect it is because the does not like the anonymous function. Is there a way to do this?


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oops. Forgot the ';'

It works. Thanks anyways all."function(){return window.someVar;}", null)
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Shouldn't it still work without the ; ?

You also don't need to pass null by the way. But I think a better way to do it is"(function(){return window.someVar}()", null)

Note the () make its get called.

I don't have Flash right now to test it though. Let me know if it doesn't work

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