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I'm developing an add in for excel in C# which include an RTD server. Because we do not have an sql database yet, I must use a XML file to store the data.

The XML file is updated via a C# function used in excel on one side. On the other side, multiple user must be able to retreive those data in real time.

When I'm running both function (update and read the XML file), the write fonction crash from time to time with the error "file being use by another process".

Write function:

string _dataPath = Path.Combine(xllDir, "Test.xml");

        XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();


        XmlNode node = xmlDoc.SelectSingleNode(Data_Type.ToUpper() + "/" + Ticker.ToUpper() + "/" + Data.ToUpper() + "/VALUE");

        node.InnerXml = Convert.ToString(Value);

        XmlNode node_update = xmlDoc.SelectSingleNode(Data_Type.ToUpper() + "/" + Ticker.ToUpper() + "/" + Data.ToUpper() + "/LAST_UPDATE");
        node_update.InnerXml = Convert.ToString((DateTime.Now).TimeOfDay);


and read function:

        XmlNode node = _xml.SelectSingleNode("//" + topic.Ticker);
        topic.Value = node.InnerText;

I can't see how to sort this out so any idea will be more than welcome.



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Tks for the reply, just found an easy answer:

FileStream fs = new FileStream(FileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.ReadWrite);
         XmlNode node = _xml.SelectSingleNode("//" + Ticker);
         return node.InnerText;

In this way for both read and write function, no more crash at all.



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You cannot as far as I know. Define a class that maps you xml file (e.g. public class Ticker). Instantiate an object of that class when you are updating the xml file:

node_update.InnerXml = Convert.ToString((DateTime.Now).TimeOfDay);
var ticker = new Ticker();
ticker.tickerValue = node_update.InnerText;

and access the new data via that object:

topic.Value = this.ticker.tickerValue;  

Note: You can use observer pattern for you ticker class and update it whenever you're updating the xml file.

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Tks for your reply.

I can see the idea behind that but i'm a bit lost to apply it (I'm a quant soft developer).

I've create this class:

public class Ticker
    private string iTickerValue;
    private string iLastUpdate;
    private string iMap;

    public string TickerValue
        get { return iTickerValue; }
        set { iTickerValue = value; }
    public string LastUpdate
        get { return iLastUpdate; }
        set { iLastUpdate = value; }
    public string Map
        get { return iMap; }
        set { iMap = value; }

    public Ticker(string Map, string TickerValue, string LastUpdate)
        iMap = Map;
        iTicker = TickerName;
        iTickerValue = TickerValue;

I hope my class is correct and my problem is because I can have multiple ticker in real time, how to I specify the one I want with that:

topic.Value = this.ticker.tickerValue; 

So I've understood that instead to read the XML, I will read the Ticker value instead but how exactly when I have 20 ticker at the same time with the RTD server?

For the RTD server, I've got a dictionary used like this:

private Dictionary<int, TopicXML> _topics;

 private void Callback(object sender, EventArgs e)

        lock (_topics)
                foreach (KeyValuePair<int, TopicXML> x in _topics)
            catch (Exception)


Tks for your help.

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