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How do I upgrade an existing VS2010 ASP.Net 3.5 project from Entity Framework 3.5 to Entity Framework 4.0?

Do I:

  • Change the references?
  • Change the target framework?

Thank you!

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Change the target framework, then update your code for any new errors. :)

Solution explorer > right click your solution name > properties > application tab > target framework

Backup your Entity model first, just in case the designer decides to break something (it shouldn't.)

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Thankyou! Be great if this was documented. –  Jeremy Child Nov 5 '10 at 0:04
Agreed. All I can find on it is this this MSDN thread: social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/adodotnetentityframework/… –  robjb Nov 5 '10 at 0:18

if you change you target framework you will see this message on your Output window

The namespaces in the storage, conceptual, and mapping sections of the .edmx files in the project [Your Project] were successfully updated to match the project's targeted .NET framework.

This have worked for me.

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Thankyou. I will attempt it. –  Jeremy Child Nov 5 '10 at 0:09

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