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This one is bedeviling me. What am I overlooking? I want a button exactly one inch wide, on any density screen. I declare it in the layout like this:

android:text="How wide?"

What I get is a button that is exactly 7/8ths of an inch wide on all screens, not the expected 1 inch. Is the difference maybe the margin or padding around the button? If so, how to set that to zero?

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dip are based on virtual densities, not actual physical densities. For instance, on a T-Mobile G1, the device's display physical density is around 180dpi, but we treat it as a 160dpi display. Android currently uses 3 "density buckets," 120, 160 and 240. Each device uses whatever is most appropriate. If you want accurate physical measurements, use physical units like in, mm, etc.

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True, but also it seems there is always some empty spacing around a button, even if you set the margin and padding to 0. If you compare it with an ImageView you will see the difference. – Niels Nov 30 '12 at 11:16

What about this ?

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