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I have been working on an app for a couple weeks now, using GoDaddy, Windows Server (I know it sucks) everything seemed ok, I have been a PHP programmer for about a year now and have never come across something like this, I have been connecting to a mysql db all day and all of a sudden I'm getting this error:

Call to undefined function mysql_connect() on Line 6

Could some type of a syntax error be causing this?

I was coding a curl that pulled an XML Feed because I couldn't use file_get_contents due to allow_url_fopen = off which seems to be impossible to change on godaddy with a windows server, and all of a sudden I got this error.

What could be causing this?

Here's the Code in question:


$hostname = "test.com"; $user = "root"; $pw = "passwd";

$connection = mysql_connect($hostname,$user,$pw) or die("couldnt connect to db"); $db = mysql_select_db ('mydb',$connection) or die("couldnt find db");

I created a PHP5.ini to try to fix the allow_url_fopen and just found this question which could be related: Updating PHP.ini on a GoDaddy Hosted site.

I have deleted the PHP5.ini file from the server, but the error still hasn't gone away, maybe it needs some time?

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Maybe the MySQL extension is not installed for your PHP installtion. Create a php file and enter this:


See if you find a section called MySQL.

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Perhaps they put a PHP installation up without MySQL installed. Sometimes hosts make that mistake.

Try and find an entry for MySQL in phpinfo();.

Also, see what function_exists('mysql_connect') says.

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Strangely enough function_exists('mysql_connect') prints 1 –  Doug Molineux Nov 5 '10 at 2:15
'mistake' is putting it a bit bluntly, mysqli (it's not called 'improved' for nothing) and PDO have been around quite a while. –  Wrikken Nov 5 '10 at 2:16
This is where RedHat/CentOS rules. yum install php-mysql. Done! –  karim79 Nov 5 '10 at 2:19
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This was the problem god window sucks


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Administrative tools / services / MySQL : Start ! Thats it.

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