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I'm wanting to get started playing with GPU programming on Linux and have several questions:

  • What graphics cards are recommended? I'd like a fairly inexpensive one that supports CUDA and/or OpenCL. I'm guessing there are driver limitations with Linux which would narrow down the types of cards I could use.

  • How well is OpenCL supported on Linux? (which cards are recommended?)

  • .NET apparently has some libraries/facilities for accessing the GPU, are these available in Mono? If not, are there plans?

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.NET apparently has some libraries/facilities for accessing the GPU, are these available in Mono? If not, are there plans?

Try to look at brahma and this post.

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Since you want to be able to use the CUDA API you already limited yourself to NVIDIA products: List of CUDA GPUs. You probably want to look under the GeForce category, those are relatively inexpensive.

Every GPU that supports CUDA also supports OpenCL. Driver support for Ubuntu is solid (I don't know about other distributions, but I guess most major distributions will work fine).

You can download the CUDA Toolkit (includes OpenCL support) here.

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best cards for the money are GTX 570 and GTX 580. You can pick up the GTX 570 for around $200 on ebay and it has excellent Cuda capabilities.

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Why do you say these are the best? Are there reviews? Have you researched a lot of cards and found something about these that is better? – wallyk Sep 29 '12 at 6:21
Also, there are about 30 different currencies called "dollars". StackOverflow has a very international audience. Which "dollar" do you mean? US? Canadian? Australian? Taiwan? Hong Kong? Singapore? New Zealand? – talonmies Sep 29 '12 at 8:58

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