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I apologize for the title, it makes little to no sense.

So on my messages.rb model I am using:

def to_param
    "#{id}-#{message.gsub(/\W/, '-').downcase}"

to make it so the url wills show up like so:

The problem with this is, when the message is really long, and on live, it causes the app to crash.

How can I change this to_params function to limit the number of characters that will show up in the url to the first 25 or so.


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Use the String object's slice method or [] notation: ([] is just an alias to slice)

def to_param
   "#{id}-#{message[0..25].gsub(/\W/, '-').downcase}"
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 def to_param
     "#{id}-#{truncate(message, :length => 40).gsub(/\W/, '-').downcase}"

You can use Rails's truncate helper:

truncate(message, :length => 40)

message is your message of course and you can specify your length

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