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Bit of an odd question. I'm using cocoa.

I have a series of numbers e.g.:







and I want to get the bit before the decimal place, with no rounding.

Like this:

0.87 -> 0

0.32 -> 0

1.12 -> 1

2.34 -> 2

8.82 -> 8

12.66 -> 12

I can round the numbers with no problem, but I can't figure out how to just take the 'rounded down' figure in an elegant and non complicated way. Can you help?

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use floor(double). Or cast to an int

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Simply cast it to an int and you're good to go.

NSLog(@"n is %i", n);

%i will automatically cast it to int. :P

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float x = 0.89;
int y = x;

int round down automatically.

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