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I have a website which uses Facebook connect for user accounts. I'm having some problems with spam, though.

I'd like to restrict Facebook login from any Facebook account that is less than two weeks old. I this this would limit the number of people who make fake accounts to get on my site (after I ban their accounts).

Is this possible with the facebook API?

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2 Answers

Facebook API doesn't provide the signup date...

You can, however find out if the user has verified their email address. Something that many bots/spammers don't really do.

Using the Graph API...a call such as this will return the "verified" field (either TRUE or FALSE):


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Calling the Facebook API is a (relatively) slow operation; especially if you have to call it multiple times. So, when possible, it is a good idea to get the information you need, without making API calls.

You may take a look at http://metadatascience.com/2013/03/11/inferring-facebook-account-creation-date-from-facebook-user-id/. It explains how to figure out the creation date of a Facebook account without having to call the Facebook API, just based on the user’s Facebook UID. You can also download here the lookup table showing the correlation between Facebook UID and Facebook Account Creation Date.

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