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I wonder if it's possible to reference a XML string value in another XML String resource.

Things like the following are possible:

<string name="title">MyTitle</string>
<string name="activityTitle">@string/title</string>

But in case of an concated resource string, I found no solution yet, so what I'm searching for is the following:

<string name="title">MyTitle</string>
<string name="subTitle">@string/title - mySubTitle</string>

So far I was only able to solve it programmically via:

<string name="title">MyTitle</string>
<string name="subTitle">%1$s - mySubTitle</string>
getResources().getString(R.string.subTitle, getResources().getString(R.string.title));

I would like to keep the string references in the string.xml file itself.

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What you want is not supported at this time, AFAIK.

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