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I make a 3 language website, where I need to sort the comments from all the 3 languages, that they are visible on every language's pages. I tried loading with jQuery .load method, and it works, but the problem is that it loads the separate languages in divs (I didn't know other way to load and append it) and I can't sort the comment lis outside their divs. Here is the code:

var commEng = $('<div></div>').load('../guestbook/ .comment');
var commHun = $('<div></div>').load('../vendegkonyv/?lang=hu .comment');
var commIta = $('<div></div>').load('../libro-ospiti/?lang=it .comment');


Do you have some other suggestion how I could load in the lis, that I have them together in the same ul, and then which method or plug-in to use for sorting that.

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You can try using $.get or any other ajax functions to load the comments, then sort them using Javascript's sort function. The code would look something like this:

var loaded = 0, 
    sites = 3,
    comments = []; 

function getComments(url){
    $.get(url, function(data){
        comments[loaded++] = ($(data).find('.comment'));
        if(loaded === sites){
            var insert = comments[0];

            for(var i = 1; i < comments.length; i++){
                insert = insert.add(comments[i]);

            $('.commentlist').append(insert.sort(function(a, b){
                var dateA = new Date($.trim($(a).find('.comment-meta:first a').text()).replace('at', '') + ' GMT'), 
                    dateB = new Date($.trim($(b).find('.comment-meta:first a').text()).replace('at', '') + ' GMT');

                return dateB.getTime() - dateA.getTime();


This will sort the jQuery element received through ajax with sort() by passing in a function that will compare the dates of the comments scraped from the comment meta. Also remember that divs in ul unordered list is not valid HTML.

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Thank you very much it works great! The only thing I had to add was the empty() before append(), so that the old comments get removed, before the newly sorted comments are placed in. Best Regards, –  Gas Nov 6 '10 at 6:25

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