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I am trying to print a report from within an InfoPath template. So my dataset is an XML DOM that I will load into the Crystal Report at runtime. But how do I define the dataset off which the Crystal Report is developed? Crystal Reports has a great tool to build a dataset from an SQL database. Is there something similar for XML schema that I am missing?

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right now i don't have crystal reports installed on my machine but if i remember correctly you can select as the source of your report an xml file.

i believe that you can also select the xsd with the data definition for your xml file.

in my case, since i was working with a dataset i would run my application and save the xml representation of the dataset with dataset.writexml(true) so that i would end up with an xml file that include the data definition

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I see the ability to pick XML in articles about CR on the web, but I don't have it available on mine. Could this be because I am using the CR that is bundled with Visual Studio 2008?

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