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I am using jQuery to refresh a DIV content box every 5 seconds or so, the time is actually controllable by the end user. I want to have a countdown timer on the page which will count down until the next page refresh (or query) based on the value that is set.

For now, it can be a static value of 5 seconds but I really can't work out how to get a countdown running along side my query.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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you might post some of your code-trials – Andreas Niedermair Nov 5 '10 at 9:32
did one of the answers solve your problem? If so please accept it. – slfan Aug 16 '11 at 18:55

You could use setInterval.

var remaining = 5;

var myInterval = setInterval ( updateCountDown, 1000 );

function updateCountDown( )
  $("mydiv").text(remaining );
  remaining --;
  if (remaining == 0) {
    clearInterval(myInterval );
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maybe the countdown plugin will help...
there's an onExpiry-event and the until-property is very helpful.

another problem you might stumble upon is: js does not support real multithreading...

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Edit: Not sure if we understood you: Do you want a counter beeing displayed on the page?

If not:

You can set a variable in your JavaScript, e.g.

var TimeOutValue = 5000;

function OnTimeOut()
    // Add here your code for refreshing the DIV content
   window.setTimeout(OnTimeOut, TimeOutValue);

In the Handler for textchanged event of the input field: e.g.

function InputTextChanged()
   TimeOutValue = document.getElementById("Id_of_Input_field").value;
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Well... I did something similar a while ago. I used a plugin for jQuery called jquery.timers:

this is my code:

    function timerTick() {
        $("#lblRepeat").html('searching again in ' + counter + ':');
        if (counter <= 0) {
            counter = 60;
    function chkActivate_click(ev) {
        var vr, t;
        t = $(this); 
        vr =':checked');
        if (vr) {
            t.everyTime(1000, 'busqueda', timerTick);
        } else {
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